Earlier this year, Yvette Obura revealed that she has a tattoo of Bahati's name on her chest.

If your not familiar, the two used to date but they are no longer a thing but that didn't not stop her from getting her tattoo.

She revealed her tattoo on Bahati's reality TV show, Being Bahati.

Yvette claimed that although she is no longer with Bahati the two of them were together for a long period of time and he will be a part of her life.

She also defended herself saying she is over him and has moved on.

"You've been here all my life for the past like six or so years," Yvette told her BFF in the reality show.

Adding, "You know I've moved on. So, you seeing the tattoo with Bahati's name makes you think I have not moved on? I have moved on."

Our own Kalondu Musyimi spoke with Bahati personally on the matter but he had no comment.

Even after being prodded.

Check out the video of the interview below.