Uhuru ruto Muigai wa Njoroge

Kikuyu musician Muigai wa Njoroge is not new to controversy. He has ruffled political feathers with the release of his music video Mbari ya Kimendero (The Greedy), which has gone viral.

Muigai calls men in power “dinosaurs” and “corrupt leaders who are working day and night to make sure the water (much needed public services) will not reach Wanjiku”.

Some say he may be taking a jab at the current top office holders after a slew of corruption cases hit the headlines.

Muigai wa NjorogeThe scathing political song highlights Kenya’s poor leadership.

“Do you have to be in government so you can be rich? Are we all supposed to vie for a sit so we can embezzle public funds and be rich? Know the purpose of being in those positions, otherwise I will sing again and again until we get the change we have always wanted,” Muigai told Kiss100.co.ke.

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Muigai wa Njoroge

“I am not saying that they should use their salary to help the mwananchi, no, let them make use of the public funds in the right way so it gets to the intended person.

“There is one MP who called me and told me that I have lied by saying they steal a lot. Akaniambia, ‘Mimi nakulanga elfu kumi pekee’ [He told me ‘I only take Sh10,000]. He confessed they take bribes and that in Kenya we cannot survive without stealing.”

Muigai said the song has been well received. “…people needed to hear this but no one has the guts to speak out. At least I have done it.”

Muigai wa NjorogeIn his song he says that they “will go to India for treatment” and return in “caskets”.

He said his family is supportive, especially his wife “though they fear I may be arrested. But I told them I have just highlighted their acts.”

He said no politician sponsored the song. “I have received threats because of a section of my songs, some telling me that I am not going far. But I don’t care. No one will live forever.”

“I dedicate this song to all Kenyans who truly loves their country regardless of the carelessness in it. We are the people who will bring change and empower ourself as we continue trusting God,” Muigai captioned his song on Youtube.

Muigai has also produced other scathing songs. In 2012, he together with Kamande wa Kioi and John Demathew were charged with propagating hate speech through their songs.

“The Kenya we have is one where, we are being lied to during campaigns, with the slogan of ‘We should vote in our own. Only’ and end up falling into a trap. Good example, during last years campaign, we had the leaders subsidising some goods like Unga, which was sold at 90 bob.

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Muigai wa Njoroge

He continued, “If that happened, the same leaders can be in a position to help Kenyans. The prices hiked immediately after elections ended and they will reduce again during our next elections periods.”

His message is direct to those in high office and positions of power.

“God had a purpose for this song and the message in it has always been haunting me and now I am free because it is out.”

Adding, “This country need learned people to wake up and address the problems we are having that why I am using my talent to reach what our forefather did not get.”

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