Following the viral video that has been circulating on social media where a man, Jeffrey Ndegwa, was having a heated argument with his drunk girlfriend Stef (daughter to a wealthy Kenyan businessman), former radio queen Caroline Mutoko has decided to give her 2 Cents on the saga.

Caroline Mutoko candidly takes to Facebook to share her thoughts on young love and how it is the best and worst time of a young person’s life.

She also mentions about how being wealthy does not make you less susceptible to heart-break. As we all know, the former Kiss 100 presenter is never shy to give her views and opinions on important or trending issues.

Well, check out what Caroline Mutoko thinks about young love;

“When you’re young and in-love… it’s the best and the worst of times.
Love can be weird. Love also can be scary, overwhelming and nerve-wracking.
Young love is the worst. It’s all consuming.
It eats up your time, your money, your data bundles and even your braincells.
I swear! Love can be amazing!
Let’s be honest, those of us who’ve come past the crazy times can attest to being totally consumed by the person they were in-love with at 20/30-something.
That love- that love was like, like……. like air!!!
So look back to when you were all mushy and loved-up and starry eyed and imagine how it felt when the person you loved dared to walk away. Be real – the only difference between you and her is that your dad isn’t a billionaire and no-one captured your heart-ache on camera.
But that said, isn’t her naked pain what’s so crazy about love…. even when your Dad is a millionaire, oops, billionaire – heart-break is a bitch.

P.S. Girl in the video :
I don’t know who you are, but the guy holding you, lifting you, sending the heart-breaker away….that guy ……. in the grey sweater
Every girl needs a wingman like that.
Screw your dad’s billions – that guy – that guy – is priceless.”

Incase you missed the video, check it out below (courtesy of Mpasho TV) to know what Caroline Mutoko is talking about;