Today on The Morning Kiss, Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe were discussing heartbreaks and we at Kiss decided to ask for your experiences with heartbreaks. True to form, Kiss fans and listeners have not disappointed with many sharing stories about how they had their hearts broken by their significant others:

And the Kiss faithful have truly responded with some hilarious stories and some scary breakup stories. Check them out below:

What’s your heartbreak story?

Calls to the studios suggest that people are taking extreem actions after they break up with their significant others.. have you gone through a messy heartbreak?


He was holding a knife at me,saying he would kill me if I don’t leave,,that was so late at night….just after I found I cosy convo btwn his baby mama ND him…asking why ofcos I was mad….the argument elevated ND finally he held a knife at me…it broke my heart btw real bad…he never looked like such typa before.


I never saw mine coming just like HELB threatening millennials to publish there names and photos…..It went down on mine the same way nlipata kapicha ka new catch kameekwa DP na hapo nkajitoa


I dated a lady for 4 years who basically left me cos i took him home only to realise my home [houses ] were bad. Eti my mum wasn’t good dressed plus my siblings.She went and told campus friends who advised her to leave me.It pains me.nowadays am a procurement officer doing somehow well.0705333730


Dated a guy for 2yrs,one morning i left for work,he even made breakfast cause i was leaving early,saw me off…..then just like that he was gone, later came to learn through his friend,he left for italy and got married…..the pain was like nothing i have ever felt before….


We dated for 2 years and I got pregnant unexpectedly. After about 5 weeks of pregnancy I started bleeding while at his place for a sleepover. The guy left that night and went to a club for reggae night and I had a miscarriage that same night. morning came and I went to hospital only to return to his place that evening and he was married. Thank God I am ok now and happily married to someone who values and loves me


This days people just ghost each other till it fades away, you’re unsure if you’re together or not


@kamenegoro¬†yangu adi sijui vile kulienda, nlishtukia tu ki-handbrakeūüĎŹūüŹŅ