Muthoni the Drummer Queen, Kenya’s multi-talented artiste, is back with double releases, ‘Kenyan Message’ and ‘Million Voice’. The two songs are off her upcoming album SHE.

Muthoni teamed up Swiss producers Greg “GR!” Escoffey and Jean “HOOK” Geissbuhler on these two smash hit singles.

Muthoni Drummer Queen

‘Kenyan Message’ has definitely created a banging, socio-politically charged hip-hop anthem for Kenya, as  addresses the political class and citizens of Kenyans equally, questioning the state of the Kenyan society and highlighting the endless scandals plaguing the country.

Most notably, Muthoni features the infamous doctors’ strike-turned-movement for better systems in Kenya that had gone unresolved for 100 days from December 2016 to March 2017.   

The video is a stunning representation of the message, with Muthoni’s lead role supported by members of MDQ’s Swiss performance crew- Felix Fivaz (Drummer), Tali Cabral & Daniela Dias.

The song pays tribute to the classic “The Message” by DJ Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five; arguably hip-hop’s greatest innovators, and the sentiment sadly rings true, with a seemingly never-ending stream of scandals crippling the public sector and affecting the lives of millions of Kenyans. Aptly, the song ends with the haunting statement “We. Can’t. Breathe” A dire conclusion to the witty-yet-contemplative narrative of modern-day Kenya.

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As a follow up, Muthoni teamed up with NuNairobi’s finest: Steph KapelaShukid and Tunji to deliver a flawless remix to the already impeccable ‘Kenyan Message’.

MILLION VOICE is the second single Muthoni Drummer Queen, and from the look of things, her new album will be too lit. On the incendiary, reggae-inflected anthem, Muthoni says,

The song pays tribute to the millions of invisible, ordinary, everyday people doing whatever it takes to put bread on the table and create an impactful life, in spite of, or maybe because of, the circumstances that they found themselves in, says Muthoni.