Tanzanian rapper Mwana FA might just incur the wrath of his compatriots after he declared in an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva. In the same breath, he declared Sauti Sol as the best singers in East Africa, saying that it was because their music cuts across the entire East African landscape.

These are some charged assertions because Tanzanians have some very good rappers and the biggest East African singer is actually a Tanzanian. Wait, the rap part of his statement would be rather crazy because Tanzanians take their rap music very seriously.

Add to that the fact that Nyashinski is the Drake of East African rap, making music that though conscious, is targeted towards women with its melodious packaging.

Still, I know very few artistes who would have a claim to the lofty titles Nyashinksi and Sauto Sol have been given by Mwana FA.

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