Based on the young boy who has caught the attention of so many people on social media an in out homes, Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe are still trying to figure out what the problem is on The Morning Kiss.

The conversation stretched on the show based on the young boy being termed gay by the girl he was threatening. This was a clear indication that there are gays and lesbians in school and two anonymous fans called in to give their story.

One fan called in to confess that she was born a lesbian but came out when she was 15 years old.

I am a lesbian because i love women. They are attractive and loving.I was born this way. But I realized I was a lesbian when I was 15. My mum knows about my sexuality. When she first knew she was mad but she told me she knew from day one. Now we are okay we talk openly about my sexuality. When then society judges it becomes hard for us to do what we want to do. People should not judge someone because Jesus died for all our sins

The next caller got Andrew Kibe mad. She called in to say that she is and has always been straight but the school she went to forced her to convince herself she was a lesbian. She says the school was being ruled by lesbians. So because she couldn’t beat them, she had to join them.

I went to high school as a straight girl. But the school was being ruled by lesbians. I was forced into lesbianism in form 2. I was sleeping in my bed one day and a form four just like me approached me and that was my first encounter with a girl. I succumbed to the act because I convinced myself I was a lesbian but I would do anything to take that day back. I was and I am not a lesbian

‘Please have some decorum!’ Kibe shouts at Kamene for reposting a gross DM

Kibe was so mad he confessed one traumatic moment in his life.

my cousin was sodomized in front of me in 1986. there is nothing new about  LGBTQ it is just that we are adding pronouns. it is just that the numbers now have increased as compared to even the roman days. What I am against is the guys who force people into that life. I have no problem, with those who want to live their life fully

He believes that everything that happens after primary school is evil. That is where we teach our children to be everything they can and want to be. He says there is a lot of evil in school and no one is talking about it.

According to the first caller, she ended her confession saying that Jesus dies for our sins and the question the dynamic radio duo is asking is being a lesbian is a sin?

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