Kamene and Kibe are at wat at the KissFM studio’s on The Morning Kiss because they are not on the same page on the story of young girls donating their eggs.

Kamene is for the school of thought that my eggs, my choice but her radio husband does not agree at all. Kibe thinks it is better to adopt than to lure a college girl with money to hand over her eggs.

“Do not give your eggs. They should just go to a children’s home to adopt a kid. Why should you go and destroy the lives of others in campus with money by telling them to give you eggs?”Kibe said

He added that,

I know people want children but create a space where you will remove children from a bad situation(Children homes) and adopt because all you want is a child.

Kamene Goro was not jumping on that, she said,

let people give their eggs. They are yours but I agree the money incentive is not a good one.we are struggling day in and out to make money because there is a struggle for money so do you blame her for trying to make ends meets?

Kibe tried to convince her and other listeners who were against his argument that it is wrong, even did his medical research and educated his listeners saying,

We are doing something that can affect our bodies. According to a doctor who has studied egg donation, she says that the risks are too much. It can affect hormones and there is no cure to any cause that may occur. For a man, it is not intrusive it can be done anywhere with no intrusion.

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Most of the callers on The Morning Kiss were men who were on Kibe’s side saying young women should not expose themselves to such risks.

“I agree with kibe on this one. I do not believe they are consciously ready to make that decision because the money is involved. “Caller one said.

“These girls are selling eggs for money. They are even advertising on Facebook pages some even have children. For them as long as they have money.” A lady caller said

This has become the new trend to make money yet from the stories, the ladies do not know the risks and effects of such decisions.

A gynecologist called in the studio advising that donating eggs is not bad as long as the donor has gone through the right medical procedure with appropriate medical advice before and after the procedure.

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