We are happy to announce that Marya Prude, Willis Raburu’s wife is back in church and making intentional steps to grow her relationship with God.

Remember she had mentioned she will make it a point to revive her relationship with God. Together with her husband, the two were loyal churchgoers until the worst happened to them.

Marya had kept her pregnancy a secret for a very long time despite the rumors. On the 31st of December, the couple lost their unborn baby named Adana and from then on, Marya felt God abandoned her at her time of need.

So many people slammed her, but Willis stood by her and put it out there that people grieve differently and she was allowed to be sad.

‘I’m back!’ Wills Raburu’s wife Marya announces


A few weeks later, they announced they are working on their relationship with God and lo and behold, Marya made it to church for the first time after the tragedy that hit her family.

“Today was my first time to attend church in a long time, walked in and my eyes just welled up with tears, I missed being among brethren, praising and worshiping together. I had an amazing time.” Marya took to social media.

Once bitten twice shy. She made sure she has disabled the comment section because social media is not always a safe haven. It can get really cruel.

At least we can report she is slowly but surely healing from losing her child. We hope that is as much as churches have been shut down, for now, she will still keep the positive vibes and worship from home.

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