One fact that we did not know about Diana Marua is that she was raised in a violent home.

For the first time Diana opened up about her violent father during her interview with True Love Magazine where she featured as the cover of the Mothers Day edition.

Bahati’s wife disclosed that she was happy when her mother finally left her father because of his excessive violent nature.

My father was extremely violent.

Diana recalls her late mother being in a very unhappy marriage where she cried for the most part of her union to her father.

I don’t think my mom was ever happy. I remember she used to cry a lot. The home environment was tough.  I remember one time he came home late and angry and started raining blows on my mom while she was breastfeeding my younger sister. I was happy for her when she left

Mama Heaven played the role of a mother after she left but the environment she says got worse because their father now poured the anger of his wife leaving to the children.

Looking back, I think my dad was bitter. If he had problems at work, he would come home at take out his anger on us

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Diana even admits all this took a toll on her at just the age of 6 to a point it affected her school performance. Even doing her homework was a problem because she has a lot of responsibilities at home.

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