Chipukeezy makes life seem like it all rosy and fun but before all that he had to go through a lot to evade poverty.

As part of his hustles, he transported traditional brew ‘chang’ aa’ to make a living.

After high school, I became a boda-boda rider and my work was also to transport chang’aa to different places in our home town.

He made a living yes but that job came to an end for Chipukeezy after he suffered a serious injury from falling off the boda-boda.

It rained so heavily and I fell with the boda, but I was also tired of living in shags

He then came to Nairobi, where he began going for auditions. And just like many successful actors, he started out as a set book actor with the dream of being on Tahidi High.

I have traveled to so many schools because my work was to act in set books

Now that he is a big deal, he is picking those young talented entertainers to help them grow as he has. He gives his success credits to the king of Kenyan comedy Churchill and now that is who he is looking up to.

Chipukeezy was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors at Nacada last year.

I can go back to my village with authority and tell people the truth about drugs. That is part of my life that I am not shy about, and I will always want to speak about my past to inspire someone else

His advice to people is to stop stigmatizing alcohol but rather talking and become open about it. To let children know the effects of abusing it well before they become of age where they can start partaking or abusing it.

‘I used to be a thief’ NACADA Director, Chipukeezys shocking past

Probably from Chiipukeezy’s experience of selling ‘chang’ aa’ he saw the way people abused it and having this prestigious position, he can now help curb any form of drug abuse.

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