Just when Otile Brown gave up his pursuit of Nabayet, it would seem she has finally begun relenting and admitting she still has feelings for him. Perhaps this is a case of too little, too late for Otile Brown.

Otile Brown

Otile Brown has epic emotional meltdown (PHOTOS)

After giving up his pursuit of Nabayet, Otile Brown took to social media to have a complete meltdown in which he revealed more than we think he should.

Nabayet Otile Brown's bae

Otile Brown takes a break from begging Nabayet to take him back, grinds on

Otile even spoke about allegedly impregnating a yet unknown female and denied the allegation.

Otile Brown

Moto kama pasi! Otile Brown ametia slayqueen mimba?! He addresses rumours

So what happened with Nabayet you ask? Well, Otile Brown had earlier on wished Nabayet a happy birthday with all the simping that usually occasions his many posts about her. She then responded but perhaps Otile Brown did not see her response which prompted him to lash out:

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