Nameless and Wahu are a couple that many Kenyans admire. In short, they’re always serving couple goals wherever they go. Even Huddah and Size 8 have admitted before to admiring their marriage as they know how to work it out even though they are celebrities.

Wahu and nameless

During an interview with a local TV station, Nameless revealed that he actually proposed to Wahu at Arboretum Gardens, a place that many of us would never even think about.

He said, “Arboretum is a very nice place by the way. Do you know I proposed to my wife in Arboretum? Mimi ni yule msee. We used to go to Arboretum when I was in campus. The reason I proposed to her at Arboretum was because it was more sentimental. Tulikuwa tunaenda huko tukiwa campo kuchill since its near main campus (UON).

He’s The Real Deal: This Is The Place Nameless Proposed To Wahu

wahu and nameless

‘You Inspire My Heart…You Make Any Man Loose Control,” Nameless Cries Over Wahu

But before they got married, they were both leaving different lives. Wahu took to social media to introduce her two brothers. She went ahead to reveal how strict they were when it came to boys and even harassed any boy who liked her or she liked. But, Nameless was special because he finally got to win her heart as well as her brothers’ approval.

She said, “Meet my big brothers 😊. When I was young they harassed any boy I liked….. Or liked me! Love them to bits!”

Check out the photo of her brothers below:

wahu's brother