Nameless does not play any games with his dreads. He has had them for aslong as he has been in the limelight. You can only imagine the type of connection he has with his dreadlocks.

Actually, it wouldnae be too far fetched to call them his trademark dreadlocks. Nameless was recently at a salon having his dreadlocks redone and retwisted or whatever people have done to their dreadlocks.

Anyway, Nameless is upset at how much he has to spend to keep his locks looking luscious especially when the woman he sleeps with, you know, his wife Wahu, owns the damn salon. He took to social media to say this about spending a bag at her salon:


Thank you @afrosirisalon kama Kawa, lakini was just wondering, shouldn’t I be getting this services for free because I am sleeping with the owner? 🤷🏾‍♂️, ama? Naeza Lipa in kind😎… Anyway wacha niwachie hapo juu labda Kuna kitu sielewi… Anyway that’s not the point, the point of this pic, Naskia watu wanauzanga deadlocks siku hizi… This one’s have been lovingly grown and groomed over 15 years, have also traveled the world, and have been maintained very professionally at afrosiri😎… so how much do you think I can get for these dreads…economy ni mbaiya.. 🙈Just looking at my options. Nipeni offers na bei poa Bana🧐🧐…