Wahu, Nameless
Wahu, Nameless

Nameless says he has had to loosen up for his daughter to be open in relationship matters.He  and Wahu are raising a teenage daughter, Tumiso, and like any parent, he told Word Is they sit their daughter down and talk about boys and relationships.

“We sit down and talk to her, and no, I am not the type of parent who dictates who their child dates,” he told Word Is on the phone.

He said it’s important to just give them space and trust them to do the right thing since we are in a new era.

“Bringing up Tumiso has taught me so much. I learn things from scratch because some of the things we had been conditioned to believe were not true or effective,” he said.

“I am learning what adolescence is all about. I am very big on matters emotional intelligence, emotional health and I read as much as I can on the same.”

Photos of the bed Wahu and Nameless will spend their valentines on

The singer said schools should not focus so much on academics “yet we do 20 per cent of what we are taught in real life”.

“On the other hand, we deal with matters concerning emotions for 70-80 per cent of our entire life,” he said.

Nameless added that to make sure his daughter does not move away from them, they sit her down and talk and they have seen improvement as she is opening up more.

“We do not have all the answers but we go through it together. We are not always quick to punish because sometimes a certain behaviour may be her way of seeking out our attention,” he said.