Since I started listening to music as a young Kenyan lad, I remember my mum had a couple of Munish tapes in her collections. Honestly if you didn’t grow up listening to such your household was never lit on Sundays.

Comparing Kenyan music back in those days to now, you can easily tell that the number of songs has more than tripled and the quality of the music videos improved tremendously.

From being a country that never had such a huge voice outside our borders, we have since competed and triumphed against talented international acts.

Growing up, among others, Kenya was known for it’s genge and Kapuka sounds but we are now in the era of Gengetone and Shrap sounds taking the scene by a storm.

So today I decided why not take you back in time to when we used to jam to the songs that are forever etched in our musical memories.

In fact after Mejja and Femi one gave us ‘Utawezana’ I decided to take a look at, at least 21 greatest music collaborations of my time.

Check the legendary list below and remember to always play KE music!

  1. Boomba Train – Nameless and E-Sir
  2. Masheesha H_art the band feat Bensoul
  3. Dundaing – King Kaka feat Kristoff & Magix Enga
  4. Baadaye – Amos and Josh ft Rabbit 
  5. Marya feat Avril – Chokoza
  6. Mejja ft Femi One – Utawezana
  7. P-Unit & Sauti Sol – Gentleman
  8. Magnetic – Kleptomaniacs & Ulopa
  9. Nonini ft Naomie – Waliotuachia
  10. Flexx ft Juacali – Nyundo
  11. Prezzo feat Nazizi – Let’s get down
  12. DryGin & Frakaz – Kati ya Man-U na Arsenali
  13. Rufftone and the GSU – Mungu baba
  14. Juacali feat Sana – Kwaheri
  15. Daddy Owen ft Sarkozy – Wewe ni mungu
  16. Nameless ft E-sir – Maisha
  17. Khaligraph ft Cashy – Micasa Sucasa
  18. Jua Cali ft Nonini – Vile tutafanya
  19. Wyre ft JB Maina – Mwanake
  20. Otile Brown & Sanaipei Tande – Chaguo la moyo
  21. K South (Abbas Kubaff & Bamboo) – Tunapenda zote