Ugandan rapper Navio back with a hip hop jam featuring Ice Prince and The Mith

Ugandan master of hits and classics, Navio teams up Uganda’s The Mith and Nigeria’s Ice Prince in new release titled “Paper”.

The single, presented by Navcorp and Icon, is produced by Mo Piano and mastered by Dawoo at Audio Central. It’s a super fresh and clean track with edgy hip-hop sounds meets trap. The video was shot and edited by the power duo: Shiloh and Henix.

Ahead of an exclusive Kenyan launch of the single, Navio says, “I have to send a big shout out to my Kenyan fans for always motivating me and hitting me up on my fan pages asking me to do more songs that sound like “Paper”. Whenever I think about relaxing and taking it easy it’s my Kenyan fans who challenge me to do better, try collaborations I wasn’t thinking about and take it back to the streets where I started.”

The single is the flagship production under Icon, Navio’s brand new cutting edge Ugandan studio and label, opening soon. It’s just one among many of Navio’s great projects set to launch. “This song is really about those on the hustle and push limits to achieve their dreams. It’s also a cautionary tale with hints of vengeance and the pitfalls of the high life,” he adds.

“Paper” follows the success of “Nielewe” collaboration between Navio and Vanessa Mdee. Navio, The Mith and Ice Prince are some of Africa’s most consistent artistes in the game, with their contribution to hip hop music scene being insurmountable, with Navio and Ice Prince having delivered some of last year’s biggest hits like “Njogereza” and “Particular”.

Navio concludes, “With three lyricists with 20 years of experience between them, “Paper” goes everywhere. A big shout out to my Kenyan fans who keep pushing me towards being more than just the most award-winning hip-hop artiste in East Africa. We’re just warming up!”

With enough lyrical interplay to satisfy any hip-hop fan, “Paper” is a collaboration set to become another one of Navio’s smash hits.

Watch the video below;

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