In an upcoming interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Madonna opens up about motherhood, adoption and the children’s hospital she helped build in Malawi.

The 59-year-old Like a Virgin songstress traveled with the CBS team to the African country to tour the hospital she helped build, the country’s first.

The hospital is a culmination of her many visits to the small African country, visits which also inspired her to adopt four children, Mercy James, 11, David Banda, 11, Stelle, aged five, and Estere, aged five, from the nation.

‘Who knows? Yeah, I – I never say never. You never know what surprise awaits you around the corner,’ she admitted.

As her mother passed away when she was only five years old, she revealed that her own motherhood has been a form of therapy for her.

‘Yeah. I get to become the mom I never had. So, yeah, it’s a very healing experience,’ she explained.

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Of course she also is mother to Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, 20, and Rocco Ritchie, 17, as well.

The Material Girl’s visits to Malawi started back in 2006, and she confesses that she didn’t know much about the east African state, including where exactly it was on a map.

But things quickly changed as she became partial to the country, and ended up founding a charity called Raising Malawi to aid in the distribution of health and education services.

In terms of the newly constructed hospital, the multiple Grammy-winner at times seemed to lose confidence in the project as it was underway, until she could talk herself into continuing.

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She would think ‘I’m a crazy person. What am I doing this for? So here we are. It happened. It’s built, and it’s up and running. And children’s lives are being saved as a result. And I feel like, you know, sometimes you can’t think too far in advance.’

The former wife of Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn also covered topics that might be more familiar to her fans, such as the provocative nature of her shows in the past compared to her contemporary shows.

‘Oh, I’m sure I’ve done provocative things just for the sake of provocation,’ she concedes.

‘Not so much now. Definitely, not since I have children. But I think, when I was younger, I used to just say things, do crazy things. But everybody does.’