Fresh from launching a 5 million shilling state of the art studio, Magix Enga has decided to get right back into the thick of things as he teams up with Khaligraph Jones for a celebration of the African woman’s derriere and it’s hypnotizing movements.

The track has a superb instrumental but Magix Enga’s lyrics are sparse and aren’t exactly the highlight of the song. While he masterfully works the BGVs and ad-libs, stitching them together with is heavily autotuned vocals, the highlight of the song is undoubtedly Khaligraph Jones.

Khaligraph Jones starts off by rapping in Kiswahili then switches to English before really going in when he switches to his native tongue, Dholuo. Jesus, someone needs to get him a different beat that will allow him to switch up his cadence and really show off his versatility.

I am done gushing about Kenya’s entertainment boogeyman. Check out the song below: