Enyewe alicome na ubaya!!!!!


Getting beyond the Kenyan borders and changing up the music scene in Kenya, Nyashinski has been featured by Diplo & MØ on a new track  -Stay Open.

Diplo was on Tuborg concert event with Major Lazer earlier this month in Kenya on their African Tour.

” I was joking just like i always do, stay open don’t do like Sundays do…

am coping hoping nikuone tu…”

Hot or nah? Listen below

The BebiBebi  hit maker joined the Global Tuborg Open project, a musical collaboration project with American DJ and producer Diplo (one third of the electronic dance music trio Major Lazer) and Danish singer, song writer and producer MØ.

The Two superstars have created a track, called ‘Stay Open’, and have welcomed artists from around the world invited to rewrite the verses to tell story of what being ‘Open To More’ means to them.

Well our own told his story and don’t we love the Jam, total banger.

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