Catherine Kamau known to many as Kate actress might be welcoming her second child in 2019.

This would be her first child with husband, Phillip Karanja, which is usually the next step after marriage according to the African way of life.

Catherine Kamanu has been playing it safe by using the passport picture posting trick on social media that many celebrities do when they are pregnant.

Unfortunately, Kenyans on social media have mastered that art and they now know how things are done. Catherine Kamau has been posting parody with Sarah Hassan (who is actually pregnant) saying she just has a pot belly.

She could have given away her secret after trying to be funny on an Instagram video showing her attempting to seduce her husband Phill – that failed.

Phil Karanja and Catherine Kamau

Kenyans did not see the fail, they saw what appeared to be a well-rounded baby bump and immediately started congratulating Catherine before 2019 when we will be calling her a mother to their second born.

Check out fans’ reactions:

Wizzy_bouy_008 May you deliver safely

[email protected] I think she might be preggers as well….it might be a surprise

Judithawyno 😂😂😂😂 alikula mbosho ikaamua kumea kwa tumbo(she ate beans that decided to grow in her tummy)

Lady_viev Am I the only one who ready to type congratulations..we’re ready for that madam

Anna.stacia.125 We weren’t ready😭😭

Kezhuini Congratulations😁😂😂😂

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I don’t know yet but the one thing about pregnancy, you can only hide it for a short time. So let us wait for 2019 and see if it was just some December ‘fat’ or it’s a December baby.

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