Being in the public eye can be a good thing when things are going well but it can also be a terrible thing when the individual in question starts to fall afoul of public opinion. Unfortunately, women are more scrutinized than men are.

Compare Zari and Tanasha’s maternity photo shoot

And when you were at one point in a relationship/ common law marriage to East Africa’s biggest star Diamond Platnumz, the scrutiny you face is tenfold what the normal celeb faces. Zari is the subject of many a rumour and gossip is never complete without touching on her activities.

‘I wanted a long lasting marriage with Diamond’ Zari opens up

Take for instance when Zari was in Kenya to work on launching “something for women” with her friend Akothee. It was rumoured that the lass engaged in some hanky panky with some business tycoon and in her latest interview with Millard Ayo she chose to address the rumours. This is what she said:

Niliona story mtu amesema ooh nilienda kujiuza Kenya. Sasa wewe kama unadhani mimi hapa nimefika wa kujiuza na wewe ni mwanamke halafu unatamani maisha yangu, kwanini na wewe usijiuze? Ooh sijui kapewa dollar elfu ishirini for one night. Market yourself so that your honeypot can also be worth $20,000. There´s nothing like me selling myself for. I went to Kenya for work.

She didn’t stop there, she went on to address the rumour that she had some admiration and infatuation with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko saying:

If I´m seen with a man, I´m dating them. Also, a fake story about me ´confessing my love´ for governor Mike Sonko has been going round. Right now anyone who wants to be relevant they are using my name to trend. I recently learnt that he was Primrose´s hubby. (The woman who invited me for the Purple concert in Kenya, last year). All those rumors are not true.