Colonel Mustafa is really being tested. After being accused of being a homosexual, infact, after being accused of being a card-carrying member of the sewerage battalion, Colonel Mustafa has now comeonut to been accused of being a man who mooches off his women.

Noti Flow now attacks Colonel Mustafa confirms he is gay!

One can only wonder whether there is any truth to the allegations or whether these are the rumblings of a jaded ex-girlfriend who has decided to unleash her fury at having been rejected by now feeding the rumour mills with more dirt. And Noti Flow would be the banshee beaming about leaking “intimate” details of the relationship between her and Colonel Mustafa.

Colonel Mustafa responds to Noti Flow’s allegations that he is gay

In a leaked DM Noti Flow can be seen chatting with a Trap King Chrome and letting him know that she feels Colonel Mustafa took advantage of her, making her pay for nearly everything.

Sewerage Workers Battalion: Colonel Mustafa responds to allegations he is a homosexual

Check out the screenshot below: