What is in a picture? Some will have you believe it is worth 1000 words. I would have you believe that it communicates so much more than an article ever would.

That is why when celebrities post pictures, we sit up and take an interest. You see, pictures can convey what one wants to say or is atleast subconsciously saying without speaking.

Take for instance gospel singer Nicah’s photos. She recently posted up some thirst trap photos that I will share now so as not to keep you waiting too long for them:

And some of her fans were rather upset about the photos. Why would they be you ask? Well, why wouldn’t they be? They are supposedly following a gospel artiste so when they see their favourite artiste do such stuff they are perplexed.

Nicah dr ofweneke

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Then again, Nicah first defiantly declared that since these people come to give her their opinions, they should also pay her water bill. She later deleted the photo entirely.

What do you think about all this? Is Nicah The Queen thirst trapping for male attention or was she simply feeling cute in the bikini?