Nicki Minaj

I told Meek I wouldn’t trust Nicki. Instead of beefin with your dog, jus just give em some distance.

That was the reference Rick Ross made to Nicki Minaj on his 2017 record Apple Of My Eye. It might not seem like much to you and I but it meant alot to Nicki. So much so that she responded two years later when she sat down to bury the hatchet with Joe Budden on his podcast.

Nicki Minaj announces her impending wedding

And wouldn’t you know it, when she decided to react to Rick Ross after all this time, she chose to fat shame the brother… Talk about double standards. She claims that she was the only person who was there for Meek Mill when everyone else in the industry had bailed. Listen to her explaining her position to Joe Budden.

Then ofcourse 50 Cent had to chime in for the first time in a long while addressing Rick Ross his sworn enemy: