There is a Kenya vs Nigeria war on Twitter over the decision to make Lupita Nyong’o the main character in the movie Americanah, a Nigerian movie based on Chimamanda Adichie’s novel.

American movie Giant, WarnerMedia Entertainment announced on Friday that they will be producing the movie that centers around two Nigerians who fall in love but find themselves separated by immigration issues.


In a statement, Nyong’o said

it is an honour to bring Ms Adichie’s brilliant book to the screen.

Nigerians, however, were displeased with the casting citing that the movie will lack an authentic Nigerian accent.

Lupita Nyong’o excited by Beyonce’s mentioning her name in her song, ‘Brown Skin Girl’

Doesn’t this war sound familiar? Just a few months ago, Kenyans were angered by the fact that The Lion King movie had no Kenyan artiste featured in the production of Beyonce’s album inspired by the movie.

Nigerians were angered by the fact that a none Nigerian will try and pull their accent which will not make the movie authentic. Especially the fact that Nigeria is number one in Africa when it comes to movie production so they have a lot of talented actresses who would have played the role.