Zari has the life many women and girls dream off. The house, the cars, the kids and the fame. The woman has also been able to get two high-value men to commit to her and give her progeny! A mean feat I would say.

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

How did she get there? Was it her craft and grit? Sort of. The socialite who married up (which is a skill in itself) wasn’t always the refined lady who takes trips to Dubai on the fly.

Zarinah for those might not know, once worked as a housemaid! Yes, you read that right.  The mother of 5 has lately been dishing out advice to those looking to end up like her someday.

Zari-Ivan in the past

Thanks to her post dubbed Life Lessons, Zari came out clean about some of the struggles she faced before successfully marrying success (cough! cough! Ivan).

In a lengthy post shared on her Instagram page, Zari revealed how she struggled back in the UK where she was taking her cosmetology classes. During her time there she had to work as a house help and a cashier in order to make some small money which she survived on. Zari wrote,

Life can be a rollercoaster and you will never know where you’ll end up.
From studying my cosmetology course in th UK ( which hasnt helped me) while doing house girl work to pay my accommodation (yes ive been a maid before)to running through buses to get to my next stop woodgreen where i worked as a cashier and sometimes as an isle packer in sainsbury. Friend, i started out early wasnt even sure why me. But the inner voice in me wanted better. My dad had left, my mom was doing tailor jobs day and night i couldnt stand seeing her struggle. I couldn’t stand her pain. I was living with my aunt in the uk who treated me like a step child. Gooosh🙄
Been through boutiques, long economy flights to china in between building a school and having babies. My music and tv career is a story for another day. Phew😪
All I’m saying, consistency is key. Doesnt matter where you are or what you do. Just do it. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the road to a successful life is not as easy as man thought huh!