Nyota Ndogo

Mombasa-based singer Nyota Ndogo walked down the aisle back in May 2016 to marry the man of her dreams, Danish fiancé Henning Nielsen, in a colorful wedding affair at the Coast.

Nyota was engaged to him for two years and is a mother of two kids, a daughter and a son from a previous relationship.

The Watu Na Viatu hitmaker has however received a lot of backlash from some Kenyans, who claim that she married the man because of his money, with some even attacking her by saying that he is too old for her.


Nyota Ndogo, real name, Mwanaisha Abdalla has severally addressed the issue after being accused of being a money lover, but she’s never shy to stand up for her man and marriage, and this time, she decided that enough is enough.

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The talented singer took shots at haters who accused her of marrying an ‘old man’ adding that people will always find fault in other people’s lives even when it’s not their business.


Nyota Ndogo went on to say; “When you get old without a husband, they tell you how you are not married, what are you waiting for? Then, when God gives you a husband, they start telling you that you got married to a man your grandfather’s age, oh, she wants the money. Do you know that some of us were not found dying of hunger? If he comes with the money, he’s just topping up because he found me with my own. Love is what some of us lack. You make me a kid in my adult age, I’m happy, leave me alone.”


Here is the initial post which she shared in Swahili;

Ukizeeka bila bwana unaambiwa limwanamke halijaolewa mpaka leo linangoja nini? Haya MUNGU akikupa mume wanaanza ameolewa na babu sijui rika la babu yake oh amefata pesa sijui nini na vitumbua sijui kaimati.hivi munajua wengine hatukukutwa tunakufa njaa? Kama pesa amekuja kuziongeza tu maana kanipata na zangu.Jamani watu wanasahau shida zao wanafata ya watu yani bure kabisa…love love love ndio wengine tulikosa.hivi nafanywa kama mtoto nikiwa uzeeni yani ninafuraha niacheni

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