Top Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime is known for her rib-cracking jokes and hilarious comedy videos not forgetting her TV show, Don’t Mess With Kansiime.

The fame she is enjoying has truly paid off as the celebrated entertainer has become one of the biggest comedy stars in Africa, and  one of the richest celebrities in Uganda.

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But despite all the fame and popularity, Anne Kansiime has remained humble and a down to earth celebrity who still interacts with her fans just as she did before the fame.

Anne Kansiime

Kansiime is married to the love of her life, Gerald Ojok, who is also her manager after quitting his daytime job to focus on growing his wife’s career.

When they are not working the couple love to spend time kicking it back either at home or on a luxurious vacay.

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That’s not to say she doesn’t have time for her pals. She recently took her girlfriends on vacay to South Africa, where she got to rock skimpy shorts and even flaunted her bikini body at the beach.


Anne Kansiime shared a series of photos from her escapade and for some reason, she somewhat took shots at those haters who love posting negative comments, with this funny caption;

This is Kansiime Anne your Entertainer and chief ninja. Kansiime is on Holiday. Kansiime is happy and very comfortable. Kansiime likes wearing short things because Kansiime wants to show her beautiful legs. My ninja, if your legs are not very beautiful those are yours. Let Kansiime be. It’s 2017. Live your life.

And boy were there haters who couldn’t hold back, telling off the comedian for sharing bikini photos. Check out some of them below;

Mella Wadi Saira: Oh you need a coach on how to handle social Media. Don’t be like Trump be like Michelle Obama, handle it with style and grace.

Eddiner K Akim: Kansiime u go and change I’m waiting for u on my gate don’t pass my gate u go and change that time ninja was waering skirt now it’s 2017 kkkkkk

Harry Musah: You are not wise… am disappointed you are stooping low to compete against your fan’s opinion. Respect you fans. Sometimes just dont answer to critics. Some critics are based on moral ground, if this is right, show us one picture of your mother dressed this way..

Patrick Abbott: Anne Kansiime just pack and go to USA, thats style my friend, you are rocking too much for africa to bear….

Well, check out more photos below, as Anne Kansiime looks stunning in her summer shorts during her holiday in South Africa.

anne-kansiime-in-shorts anne-kansiime-in-shorts-2 anne-kansiime-in shorts-3