willy paul
willy paul

Artiste Willy Paul has a message to deliver to his haters. It is a message that is riddled with anger and bitterness on his new track ‘Alkaida’.

Pozzee knows loud and clear, that he has many haters who block his blessings as he says, “Kuna watu wenye roho mbaya, hawapendi kuona ukipenya…”

However, he crowns himself the “King of flow” saying everyone knows it.

On the track, he also seems to be aiming at a specific group of people. As he takes to his Instagram post, where states the stanza aimed at those who blocked his collabo with Nigerian Artist Wizkid.

He writes;

“To the people who blocked my collabo with Wizkid.. Listen to this stanza!! Unajaribu funga njia zangu za Africa, Africa Mama… Unasahau wewe sio Mungu Baba. Umekwama plan A, niko plan B. Mungu amefungua njia ata na Cardi B!!”

Well, since he mentioned Cardi B, Pozzee seems to have a lot in store for us, as he also adds, “Kazi ni kuimba tu na kumake dooh!”

Below are some of the song’s lyrics;

“Nimelipuka kama bomb, Alkaida samahani nikikubore. Ntakupiga ukonde boy alkaida…”

Trust Pozzee to deliver the message loud and clear to his detractors.

Do tell us if it’s a hit or a miss.

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