Time moves too fast. Just the other day we were posting pictures of Njugush and Celestine on their wedding day then the birth of their child and now they are celebrating three years of marriage.

Even when Njugush tries to be romantic, he still has to add some humor to it. As he celebrates three years of marriage, all he can remember on their wedding day was the chicken that was specifically for the high table.

He took to social media a message to his wife, Celestine saying,

Happy 3rd @celestinendinda given another chance to marry I would still choose that chicken tulikula pale high table
😂😂its what I was thinking about in the last pic. Oya mtuwangu wewe ni mtrue bana tuzidi hivo hivo. Been good ride. Tujipatie miaka zingine kama 97 alafu kila mtu ajipe shugli kazi sio moja Mtuangu.
!!! Tuzidi!!!!
Seriously though. I still remember this day vividly. It’s the only day I managed a perfect hairline.😂
Thanks for always holding me down. God bless you and your family.

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Celestine known to her fans as Wakavinye also took to social media a sweet message to her husband talking of God’s faithfulness in their three years of marriage.

Happy 3rd Anniversary mtuangu. @blessednjugush. On the real though, God has been faithful siamini ni miaka tatu aki🤦🏽‍♀️. So leo boy child akona surprise ama nijisort😂😂??


From their post, it seems they have no plan for their anniversary but because of the good job they have done, I am alm9ost sure they will be surprised with a trip. Isn’t it good to be famous?

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