Comedian Njugush surprised his fans after he announced on his social media page he might be on the ballot papers come 2022.

I offer my candidature for presidency in 2022! This is not the time for politicking. That’s why I’m urging you all to come out in large numbers as you waste your time and resources to vote me in, I promise you, you’ll always regret

Kiss100 reached out to him for more information and he said he was just being satirical and has no political ambitions. I know, bummer! Imagine having Njugush as your president, we would be such a happy nation. He would never run for president because “power and money corrupt people”.

He said the politicians we have at the moment are only there to eat public resources and that his biggest regret is that he voted.

I think our leaders can do better as compared to what they are doing, and I would not want to join them and see them misusing people’s resources


Speaking to him revealed that he is very bitter with the government and what they are not doing and how much corruption has taken lead in Kenya.

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He even spoke about how so many young celebrities took government positions with the hope of tightening the losing ends but they just fell into the same trap.

Another reason you will not see Njugush on the ballot papers.

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