Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo might have spent his day outside the office after being locked out of his account by the IT department at BBC.

He got the opportunity to scale higher at BBC after leaving NTV alongside a lot of his colleagues last year.

Larry Madowo/ Instagram

Today, Larry Madowo celebrate his one anniversary there but it did not go as planned. He imagined lots of well wishes and a cake, but the first thing he was hit with is no access to his account.

Well, despite that, he is grateful to God for an amazing year that he says has changed his life. He jokingly adds that no weapon formed against him shall prosper:

For my first birthday here, the BBC congratulates me by locking me out of my account. This past year has changed my life & no weapon formed against me by IT shall prosper 😂 ‬

Larry’s move has helped so many other people in the media industry including Edith Kimani. She penned down a letter to him a few weeks ago saying:

to the @officialjanetmbugua‘s who came before me, who faced the wilderness and charted new paths – thank you. 
To the @larrymadowo’s who challenges us to be more, do more, know better – thank you. 

Edith Kimani pens down an emotional letter to Larry Madowo

So many other on his comment section mistook this day as his birthday including Mercy Masika but he then clarifies saying:

Guys, it’s not my birthday. It’s my work anniversary

Happy Anniversary Larry Madowo as you celebrate one year at BBC.

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