Fahima and Rayvanny have split up under what we can only assume to have been acrimonious terms given the leaked DMs between the two and Rayvanny’s subsequent remarks on the matter.

‘Count Jay and I as dead to you!’ Rayvanny dumped by wife (SCREENSHOT)

The dark cloud that has doubtless surrounded Fahima will be helped to abate by the fact that she finally inked a deal with a diaper company in TZ.

She celebrated the win on her IG account, announcing the fact that she was now in league with both Choice Baby Diapers and Amorrete Sanitary Pads.

It would seem she is making good on her threat to Rayvanny in which she told him to forget about her and her son Jay and she wouldnae starve as she would find a way to survive. You cannot help but be happy for Fahima, the woman whom Rayvanny accused of wanting to live large in what he termed as a flirtation with avarice which he was not in a position to sate.

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