Gengetone seems to be taking a different turn in terms of the beats.

A few days ago, Octopizzo and Sailors dropped a huge banger, Wakiritho, which had a different beat as compared to other songs Sailors Gang has done.

Now news reaching Kiss 100 is that Sauti Sol and another popular Gengetone group, Boondocks are set to hit the studio for a lit song.

A clear sign the festive season is upon us.

We are in no doubt what they are working on is a good song and the beat will definitely not be the same old Gengetone beat.

Bien has shown his love for this genre of music a couple of times, and most recent was during Oktoba Fest.

Freedom finally! Sailors open their own YouTube channel

Now he finally gets a chance to be part of the movement. Sauti Sol affirmed these rumors saying,

ile sherehe mtapiga kwa hizi streets…(the party noise you’re about to make in these streets)

With such surprises every weekend, we can’t wait to see what the Kenyan music game has for us this last quarter of 2019.

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