Valentine’s day 2020 seems to be bringing people back together. Cupid was too busy yesterday fixing relationships from Diamond and Tanasha to Noti Flow and Mustafa.

Last we heard from Noti Flow and Mustafa, the two were at each other’s necks over so many allegations. Noti accused manz of swinging the other side and he claimed she used to seriously physically abuse him.

Friday 14th February 2020 was an indication that one can forgive and forget and focus on love.

The two were spotted cozying up, looking all happy and in love. Noti posted videos of the two in a restaurant and Mustafa proudly bragged that he is back in her life.


I love me a cute love story so I hope this time the two are in love and are willing to fix things up and work towards a happily ever after life.

Noti Flow introduces the man she is catching feelings for in 2020

Noti Flow had already introduced another man to us saying he is the new man she is catching feelings for and has moved on from Mustafa.

Clearly Mr Lipunda knows how to do that thing.

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