Noti Flow is dating Colonel Mustafa. Unless you believe the BS allegations levelled against him by Trap King Chrome in which case he is gay and she is merely his beard.

Wewe ni shoga bwana! Nairobi Diaries drama hits explosive levels as Trap King Chrome accuses Colonel Mustafa of being gay

But if you woke up today with your common sense then you know for sure that this is all nonsense. Anyway, one person who is not taking these allegations lightly is Noti Flow. Even though Colonel Mustafa himself has laughed them off, Noti Flow has popped back up breathing fire and things are looking like what Trap King Chrome said has gotten to her heart.

Mashoga wananidai! Colonel Mustafa boasts about homosexuals soliciting him

Noti Flow took to social media to defend her man against accusations that she is dating a member of the Sewerage Workers Battalion and she had this to say:

Before you tarnish someone’s name & try to ruin their reputation, think of ‘ wat if ‘ the same was being done to you . It’s disgusting how people can stoop so low just for clout 🤮 Yea I called it quits but for my own reasons. We’re still friends . Forever we will be & hence I’ll always stand by him . The bullshit y’all are spreading about him are extremely ridiculous & hideous. Despicable 🤦🏽‍♀️ Shame on y’all lowlives . Karma will catch up soonest . #beliedat ✔️