Is this just what the Kenyan rap industry has become? It’s beef after beef as Kenyan femcees go ham on each other. Kyki, a female rapper, has dissed fellow rapper Noti Flow alleging that she is not a rapper, but rather a stripper who hangs around married men.


In an exclusive interview with the star, Kyki is taking shots at Noti Flow, who is her main competitor, saying that she (Noti Flow) does not write her lyrics but relies on ghost writers. She has however added that she has been warning her once upon a time friend against stealing other womens men, not to mention that she (Kyki) has adviced Noti Flow to become a socialite, insisting that it is the only job that fits her. What a bunch of scandals!

I love Noti Flow! Femi One Finally Opens Up On Beef With Kenyan Femcees


But wait a minute! Who started all these beef? Well, Femi One, yet another Femcee released a diss track dubbed ‘Pilau Njeri’ which in her view was to awaken sleeping Female rappers in Kenya. It has since then received diss response tracks among them ‘Conoka‘ by Njeri, ‘Kuku Mwitu‘ by Kyki and ‘Forehead’ by Noti Flow. Since then beefing has been the new fashion in the industry.


Gani Kali? Noti Flow Finally Responds To Femi One’s “Pilau Njeri”, Takes Serious Shots At King Kaka (Video)

Kyki has however noted that she released a diss track to get noticed by the industry since she had been in the industry for long without anyone giving her any credit for her work. This seems to be the newest celebrity beef in 2017. Let’s wait and see how it unfolds.

Here is what Kyki had to say. Video courtesy The Star;



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