Noti Flow and Colonel Mustafa were one of Kenya’s most interesting celebrity couple. The two were inseparable and even went to war for each other. Then Noti Flow decided to end things with Colonel Mustafa and he decided to remain in la-la land acting like it was all a dream.

Pendo infected me with an STI! Man who claimed Colonel Mustafa is gay reveals

It was, however, really good to see them still on friendly terms with Noti Flow coming out to defend Colonel Mustafa when Trap King Chrome, their former colleague at Nairobi Diaries, decided to call out Colonel Mustafa for being a closeted homosexual.

Noti Flow defends Colonel Mustafa against homosexuality allegations

Trap King Chrome seems to have found an ally in a very unlikely place; he found an ally in Noti Flow who has now come out to attack and accuse Colonel Mustafa for being gay. She who it was that shared his innermost thoughts now has decided to turn around and side with Trap King Chrome.

You guys, @trapkingchrome was right!! Mustafa is gay & he lives with his boyfriend in Utawala! Confirmed Wow Fake ass Muslim

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.