NTV news anchor Edmond Nyabola has struggled in life,  before making it in the media industry.

Nyabola spoke on NTV’s QuickFire Friday revealing that he once upon a time worked as a shoeshiner around National Archives, an area in Nairobi town where is considered as a meeting point for most people.

Nyabola did this after enrolling at the University of Nairobi (UON) in 2009

“I had to work as a shoe-shiner at some point to pay school fees at UON and so for three months I’d wake up at 5am to go to archives and bend over shining shoes from 5 to 6 and thats how i payed my way through university”

Nyabola is from a humble background having been raised by a single parent.

Unlike reports, he says he is not married.

NTV’s Mark Maasai, Edmond Nyabola and Emmanuel Juma to be detained at Industrial Area Prison