On the 1st of September top NTV journalist  Mark Masai, Edmond Nyabola and Emmanuel Juma were banned by the Court from airing an investigative piece exposing the rot at the Child Welfare Society of Kenya.

The documentary was to shed light on exactly what happens behind the closed doors of the organization. According to the trailer, the documentary was to expose children who were allegedly misused, abused and exploited for profit.

It was an investigation that took them months to come up with a comprehensive piece. Unfortunately for them, the court came in to stop it from being aired.

The case might see the three gentlemen detained at Industrial Area GK Prison in Nairobi if found to be in contempt of court, in regard to the investigative piece.

Edmond Nyabola took to social media with the court document ordering them to appear in court on the 1st of October and captioned it,

I’ll be in Industrial Area GK Prison in October should you need me. #sinsofsaviours

This post has been deleted from his feed probably for legal purposes but we wait for the 1st of October and see what transpires.

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