It is not all fun games at the Mathenges during this quarantine period, as Nameless reveals.

The singer shared a photo of him holding a not so happy, Nyakio Mathenge, his last born after she had a disagreement with either her sister, Tumiso Mathenge or her mummy, Wahu Kagwi.

According to Nameless, Nyakio joined her dad outside the house all sad asking for a whole new family.


However , the ‘Nasinzia’ hit maker, pointed out that he is not worried about the whole situation since he knows how to calm Nyakio down and help solve their differences.

He posted;

 Weh quarantine manenoz inaleta vita kwa nyumba  sijui kumeendaje na sistake @tumi.mathenge na mamake @wahukagwi huko kwa nyumba …amekuja hapa nje ati anataka familia ingine..lakini najua dawa yake. Atakuwa tu sawa..

The multi-award winning singer took the chance to express his wife’s gratitudes after their fans showered her with beautiful messages last sunday.

Nameless also reiterated on the importance of self isolation and movement reduction in order to save lives.  

aaanyway that’s not the point, the point is…this a time to greatly reduce movement and save lives without ever realizing it. Also a good time to reflect and bond with your loved ones. Stay safe stay home, save a life bibi anasema Asante for all the beautiful birthday wishes.. #Coronachronicles #socialdistancing #chocolatepool #lastbornGang.