Produced and co-written by Cedo, Nyashinski’s new jam Balance sees him go back to rapping but he doesn’t move away from his female friendly (bubble gum) Drake style. And I think that is where he really finds success so if it ain’t broke…

The jam is a decidedly upbeat jam with some subtle Carribean carnival influence to its instrumentals. Without having to be told, you know the wordplay is way above what most African artistes can aspire to and that shouldnae be lost on you. I mean, at one point he raps, “… hapana sita sita kama zile namba zza devo…

The jam is the perfect balance of playfulness, braggadocio and a message. Who but Nyashinski has shown the capacity to do that in East Africa? Enjoy the track and let us know whether or not you think it is a hit or a miss.

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