Bien Aime Baraza Chiki Onwukwe tied the knot on Friday at a private civil wedding at the attorney general’s office.

Their 100 guests were driven to a secret location after converging in Lavington. The couple joins other famous Kenyans like billionaire Manu Chandaria, who opted to solemnize their vows in a civil union.

A source has revealed that Nyashinksi, Nameless and Nazizi are some of the artistes that performed

Nyashinski performed Mungu Pekee, Nazizi, Nameless, Sauti Sol also performed and the celebration looked beautiful.

Nobody was allowed to have phones in the venue as they wanted everyone to be part of the wedding and not to divert their minds by snapping videos on their gadgets.

In a past interview, Bien termed a white wedding as ‘Colonisation’

“We will not have a white wedding because a white wedding was introduced by the white, and I am not going to follow that since its like colonisation. I will, therefore, have a traditional wedding.”

From us is congratulations to the love birds.

Similarities between Bien and Chiki’s wedding and Jomo and Fiona Kenyatta’s