Nyashinski finally addresses all his scandals, haters and disses his fellow musicians

Nyashinski has come out guns literary blazing in his new song ‘KEBS’.

He has set the standard with this song. And while at it, set the record straight on a lot of misconceptions about him.

If you did not know who Nyasinski is, listen and learn. This song reveals who the rapper really is. An in-depth interview, would never reveal this side of him.

If you have ever crossed Nyashinski’s red line, umeanikwa leo. The ninja has decided to address all matters that have been said about him and he has not sugar coated anything.

He starts by saying he wants you to feel the song even though he’s not sure what y’all feel. That’s how you know someone is about to hurt your feelings.

“Umezoeshwa vibaya ndio hujiwezi mmh. Unaskiza jamaa mbaya bana very true, nawashika bila kuwavalia navy blue, malaika inanishow umeweka mapenzi juu,” he starts his song.

All the things you’ve said about him, best believe he has addressed them.

Nyashinski at the Songa by Safaricom launch back in February / Photo By Douglas Okiddy

A while back, it was reported that Nyash has a baby mama abroad and he had travelled to go visit his baby, something that he has addressed as well. Probably he’s stating that the story is false but who knows.

It is open to interpretation.

Nyash goes ahead to diss everyone who renews their bundles just to spread gossip about him.

We all know Nyashinski was on a music hiatus for ten years before he came back with a bang with the hit ‘Now You Know’.

In the song, he disses media outlets for being all up in his business about who he is screwing.

Remember the time it was revealed that he got beat up by a guy who found him in bed with his bae in Nyayo Estate?

This story went viral for weeks but he has never commented on this story, but you gonna learn today. He spit on that story too.

“For 10 years hamkuwa mnajali mahali nalala, hii screw driver yangu ni shimo gani inascrew.”

Mnakumbuka mkisema Nyash ni snob hapendi kuongea na watu just because he doesn’t follow anyone? Basi mtaendelea kuongea coz he’s not gonna follow you for sh*t.

“Uko busy tu kwa group hating on me, eti oh he has a big ego, he refused to follow me on IG, I’m not voting.”

Nyashinski/ Instagram

Nyash woke up with feelings and he’s not sparing anyone as he also addressed the rumour that he asked for a million shillings to do a TV interview.

In a past interview, he denied the claims stating that he wouldn’t do that.

“You can’t believe all this bullsh*t you’re reading, you can’t be really considering singing, big fat cheque for Nyashinski though, ata kaa Mungu Pekee haikuwa na video, ana ngoma tatu pekee tumwitie nini show. Naskia kwenda mainterview anaitisha millioni.”

Y’all are bound to catch feelings for days. So if you’ve said anything negative about Nyash, chukua diss yako and sit at a corner. Think about your life.

Here’s the video;

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