Kamene, Kibe and Xtian Dela, the perfect radio team have decided to join the biggest and baddest musicians in the 254 now to give us a huge project.

Over the weekend, the Kiss100 Digital team went out with The Morning Kiss team to shoot a music video. I am sure you have seen #nyokayashaba and you’re wondering what is going on.

Together with Krisroff, Magix Enga, Harry Craze, Exray, JuaCali, Timmy T Dat and they decided to record a parte song and fans are not ready for the jam.

With the current gengetone beat taking over, the song has incorporated the same. And of course once Magix Enga is on that beat, best believe it is a hit.

VJ One was the man behind the camera. What more convincing do you need really? The song is going to be lit.

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Here are a few pictures to give you a teaser of what to expect soon #nyokayashaba:

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