Nyota Ndogo is soon to be a mother.

According to Pulse Magazine. Well, this will not be her first child as she two kids from her previous relationship.

Nyota Ndogo has been questioned a couple of times on social media about giving her husband a baby and she has severally tried to defend herself.

Nyota has said a couple of times that she will get a child when she is ready to give her husband a child and I guess this is the time.

The publication states that Nyota has been busy doing projects with her husband and that is why she’s been missing from the music scene.

We have been busy doing some projects back in Voi and that is why I had taken a break from music. However, I am making a comeback next year with so many projects already read

Nyota is also planning to build rentals houses in Voi with the money she gets from her music.

Taking to social media, she shared a video of her together with her husband and son, measuring the grounds.

Goodmornìng wapenzi. This plot nilinunua mwenyewe na pesa ya mziki wangu nikasema inshallah nitakuja jenga nyumba zakupangisha one day……so imefikia hio siku na leo tumeamkia kuipima na mume wangu na watoto maana inshallah this december tuanze msingi wa nyumba zengine nne. NAJUA KILA MTU ATAKUFA LAKINI HAIMAANISHI TUACHE KUJIBIDIISHA..kasarani #BARAKAHOMES COMING SOON.HAPO SGR UNATEMBEA TU.

Maybe she was waiting for the right time when she has planned herself fully with enough to bring up her children the right way.

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