They are one of the biggest boy bands in town and their vocals can simply be described as perfection! I’m talking about H-art The Band.

Well, the group has done it again and this time round, they have done a cover to Nyota Ndogo’s hit song Watu Na Viatu, a song that saw Nyota Ndogo hit the radio airwaves. In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, the song bird was so excited that a song she had done almost 8 years ago could be made new again.


Nyota went ahead to say that the band did justice to her song with the blend of their own rendition in the song. H_art the band is among the top bands in Kenya and Nyota Ndogo has thanked them for appreciating her song which in her opinion has seen her get many job offers.


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H_art The Band hit the music charts with their hit song Uliza Kiatu which was well received that also saw them gain a massive following of fans from across East Africa. The band has also released a couple of hit songs among them Nikikutazama, Love Phobic, Adabu featuring Dela and Masheesha featuring Ben Soul.

Check out the cover to Watu Na Viatu;

The team which is comprised of three talented artistes- Skoko Abednego, Mordecai Dex and Kenchez Muya, are making it big in the music industry and apart form their music, the lads are well recognized with their sense of fashion.

Here is an exclusive interview with Nyota Ndogo;