Nyota Ndogo

Coast-based musician Nyota Ndogo wants promoters to know that she can’t perform in Somalia.

This is after a promoter called her asking her to quote for a show in the country.

“I didn’t even think twice and rejected the offer. No amount of money can compensate for my children to live without a mother,”Nyota told Heads Up.

This request came just a week after another man called the singer and paid her Sh20,000 to serenade his girlfriend (on her birthday) over the phone.

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“I will be honest. I have never been paid to sing over the phone. It was a surprising request. At first, I thought the M-Pesa message was wrongly sent to my phone. As I was jotting down his number to call him back, he called and made the request,” Nyota revealed.

Since her wedding last year, Nyota has become very active on social media.

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She has also been updating her fans on the progress of her yet to be completed house and her husband who lives and works in Denmark.

Source: sde.co.ke