Nyota Ndogo, mother of two, who is a great example of rags to riches, is never afraid of sharing her life journey, and for those who didn’t know, Nyota Ndogo was once a house help.


The Kuna Watu na Viatu hitmaker has introduced her former boss to the online community and she says he is the best employer one could ever wish for.

Nyota Ndogo revealed that she is close with her former employer’s family and visits them whenever she is free.

“This was my boss when I use to be a house gal.mimi huenda nalala uko yani nilishakuwa mtoto wao,” she wrote on Instagram accompanied by the photo below.

Nyota Ndogo showered her former boss with praises and she disclosed that when she told him that she wanted to venture into music, he supported her.

“Aliekua boss wangu nilipokua house gal. Nilipomwambia nataka kua muimbaji aliniletea ogan lile kubwa la kanisa kutoka holland.akanilipia mwalimu wakunifunza ila kichwa changu kilikua kigumu sana.ndio maana siwaachagi na siwasahau,” read her post.

The singer is currently one of the best artistes in the country and her songs have always dominated the local airwaves.

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